Penthouse in Berlin

Two real estate units were bought by a Berlin art gallery owner to create a large apartment on the top floor of a building that was the seat of the city’s bakers union at the time.
The intervention had various phases in which various possibilities were studied: in the end, it was decided to keep the two large pre-existing rooms and reserve the night area in a more private area of ​​the house, working on light and details. Such as having defined a texture of monochromatic mosaic tiles on the entire western perimeter wall as an aesthetic thread.
The entire coordination of design, renovation and finishing works was carried out with great logistical effort from our office in Piacenza, to ensure maximum design control and therefore the highest quality: even the workers involved in the intervention are all from Piacenza. An example of an “international” intervention that does not renounce at the great value of local excellence.

Date: 2020
Services: bulthaup - Porro - Agape - Living - Mutina - Davide Groppi

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