Moormann, named after its founder Nils Holger Moormann, is a brand that has made modularity and essentiality elegantly declined something more than its stylistic and industrial figure: almost a philosophy. Easily assembled and removable interlocking panels give shape to furniture with practical and refined lines, certainly Nordic and at the same time warm.
From armchairs to shelves, through chairs, bookcases and coat hangers to pet loungers, Moormann creates a unique and recognisable style that is also a production and sustainability philosophy. A red thread binds all the pieces: rarely come across collections where all the furniture and accessories are immediately recognizable as belonging to the same family.
Sustainability is another input of the brand, since the chosen suppliers are never more than forty kilometers away from the small Bavarian center headquarters of the factory. Moormann can therefore also be considered an example of (almost) zero kilometer design.