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Attention: the 110% Superbonus tax concessions are reserved only to Italian citizens and for interventions on buildings located in the Italian territory.
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The Superbonus 110% is an extraordinary opportunity to renew the building heritage of our country, but it is also a complex matter: it must be addressed with a multidisciplinary approach. Studio 120 has brought together a team of experienced professionals, to work on all the technical, fiscal, legal and financial aspects related to the Bonus, and offer the customer an integrated management:
• an engineer specialized in structural design
• a tax analyst with an expertise in construction
• a legal adviser
• a thermotechnics for plant design
• a surveyor for land registry and technical offices
• a group of designers and architects who follow all aspects of the project drafting
Before planning an intervention with the Superbonus, a feasibility study is required to determine whether the property and the customer meet the required criteria, have a clear picture of the expenses that can be covered with the bonus and obtain the transfer of the credit from a financial institution..
With an expense refund of between €300 and €800, as the case may be, Studio 120 provides you with a reporting document with property characteristics, technical assessments and feasible interventions using the bonus, plus a preliminary design plan.
If the feasibility study reveals that the conditions are in place, it is possible to proceed in accordance with the preliminary draft, without any constraint on us.
If there are no conditions to proceed, the owner keeps timely documentation on the history and characteristics of the property, which may be useful for future interventions.
Studio 120 proposes itself as a unique partner to design and carry out the works for Superbonus: from the preliminary study to the management of bureaucratic practices, from relations with credit institutions to the execution of works, up to the certification and reporting phase.
Our professional services are deductible through the Superbonus.
The benefits of an integrated approach with a single partner:
• The simplicity of having only one interlocutore
• The tranquility of entrusting your intervention to experienced professionals, with notable references
• The economic advantage of having a complete team of professionals without additional expenses
• The security of having a responsible person, even in case of subsequent checks from the State offices

Is a 110% tax deduction on the renovation costs of single houses or condominiums that carry out interventions for the energy redevelopment of buildings (Ecobonus) and for the improvement of anti-seismic performance of the same (Sismabonus).
Who can use it: private parties and condominiums. But also housing cooperatives, autonomous social housing institutions, Onlus, amateur sports associations and clubs
Real estate units belonging to the cadastral categories A/1, A/8 and A/9 (stately housing, dwellings in villas, castles and historic buildings) are excluded from the Superbonus.
Timing: Currently the deduction applies to works carried out by December 31, 2021. But it is very likely that the measures will be extended.
Why the Superbonus is a unique opportunity:
• The deductible fee is higher than any previous position and is recovered in just 5 years.
• For the first time, the deduction is transferable. In addition to directly benefiting from the Irpef deduction, it is possible to choose an advance contribution in the form of a discount from the suppliers or you can transfer the tax credit corresponding to the deduction to a financial institution.
• If managed correctly, the Superbonus allows you to renovate a house, an apartment or some common parts of the condominiums at very low cost and to recover an independent country house at nearly zero costs.
You can also access the Superbonus with interventions on non-residential buildings (such as warehouses, barns, etc.), but they will have to become residential after to the intervention on the existing building.
The Superbonus does not apply to all types of intervention, and it is necessary that both the property and the applicant meet the requirements of the legislation.
The documentation to be presented is complex and must be truthful and technically correct. In the event of errors or false declarations, not only does the tax benefit lapse, but there can be considerable financial and even criminal penalties: relying on professionals who verify every aspect protects against these problems.
For more information and updates about the Superbonus visit the Italian Revenue Agency website.

The Superbonus 110% is the unique opportunity to improve the efficiency, safety and architectural quality of the Italian building heritage, even without having great capital: we want to take part in this opportunity to reinvent entire urban neighborhoods and recover rural buildings to revive forgotten areas such as the Apennines.
Based on a logic contrary to that of building amnesties that have legitimized works built outside the law, in the Superbonus the State entrusts resources to citizens and makes them protagonists of change. The push impressed by the Superbonus also stimulates research and innovation and favors the revisals in companies, with benefits for the entire supply chain.
Today, more than ever, the role of designers is central. We are entrusted with the task of going down the path of construction and housing quality to capitalize on the economic effort that the country is supporting.
A vision that we like to share with those who will choose us as partners..

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