String Furniture

It all started with a revelation and a competition. In 1949, Bonnier’s public library realized that the majority of Swedish homes were not furnished with a focus on bookshelves, which made it quite difficult for them to sell books. With this in mind, they announced a competition where they asked all contributors to submit a design for a shelf with a few criteria. The shelf needed to be affordable, easy to ship and equally easy to assemble. Nils and Kajsa Strinning won the competition with a flexible, elegant and minimalist shelving system that could be mounted on any wall. And voila: String® is born. The design was an instant success and Nils Strinning became famous as one of the most influential designers of the modern Scandinavian era. The benefits of String® are still evident to customers around the world today: Modern since 1949, the String® family has constantly evolved and expanded to fit a contemporary lifestyle.


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