Attic recovery

The theme of this recovery was treated with natural materials, felt-wood and iron. The goal was to create a relaxation area, a bedroom with bathroom and a convivial space for listening to music and watch TV.
The ceiling has been rearranged, sanded and painted with enamel, the floor covered in oak wood and the partitions were made by Feltrificio Biellese on our design, the panels are hung on a track that allows the sliding and modulates the spaces according to the uses. The wardrobe has been arranged in a minimal way using a bent steel tube and fixed to the wall. Some furnishings are recovered from the family home. The lights have been specially designed and made of iron by a trusted blacksmith. The custom-designed bookcase, in addition to serving for the owner’s library, dresses the back wall with a rhythm of solids and voids.

Date: 2013
Services: Pianca - Desireè - Legnomagia - Feltrificio Biellese

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