Living Divani

Perfect, harmonious proportions and a feeling of understated luxury are the distinguishing features of Living Divani, a family-owned company that has made its trademark of upholstery.
Since the early 1970s, the company has followed a clear path, maintaining an intensive dialogue with the contemporary world and becoming one of the landmarks in the design landscape. Strategic is the alliance with Piero Lissoni who, since 1988 has led the firm’s unique style.
It was thus created a vast and varied offer of sofas, armchairs, beds and complements: a gradual process of creation of a complete living environment, which revolves around the upholstery system, both for indoor or outdoor, with its subtle shapes and proportions, to combine with characterful complements – seats, small armchairs, tables, bookcases, storage unit and carpets – that will suit and define any setting, from the essential and rigorous to the multifarious and eclectic décor.
Essential silhouettes and sartorial spirit define the codes of the Living Divani collection.
Natural materials such a leather and rope, woven or quilted with skilful craftsmanship, to the rediscovery of precious traditions of the past, are combined with cotton and linen fabrics with flat or textured backgrounds, from which relief seams emerge with amazing optical effects. Sophisticated finishes such as StoneOak®, an essence of natural origin with an exclusive surface whose texture and colors recall those of a stone, which derives from logs slipped underground between different layers of clay and returned to the light charged with a new unique beauty, and soft Zero Impact leathers, which enhance ecological sustainability thanks to a production process in which total compensation of greenhouse gas emissions is achieved, through a reforestation project of different areas, according to internationally certified procedures.


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