Milanofiori Contract

Active participation in the renovation of the spaces of the Milanofiori CC in Assago.
The client, a major international player, has submitted us an order for the construction of a Food Court and for the supply of all the furnishings of the common areas.
Much of the work was carried out by Piacenza artisans, under the supervision of our studio.
Articulated structures in wood, ceramic and stone have been created to divide the rooms.
The upholstery and the finishes are highly resistant to fire, both were designed and produced in Italy and Spain. The flooring of the relaxation islands was laid using specialized workers and a special custom-made edging was performed by our blacksmiths to ensure tightness and stability to withstand the passage of thousands of people.
The entire installation process was carried out during the night to avoid inconvenience to customers.
A considerable effort for a lightweight structure like ours, the excellent result of which allowed us to participate in the national tender for the award of contracts for the Klepierre centers in Italy.
Contest that we won.

Date: 2017-18
Services: Vitra - La Cividina - Metalmobil - Interface

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