Campeggi is a modern company, based in the famous Como hi-end furniture district, that carries on a clear philosophy: things change. No project is as it seems and everyone evolves discovering more functions, undergoing a metamorphosis. Campeggi offers colorful, original and transformable furniture. Practicality and Movement are the basic rules that animate the ideas of the Italian brand, supported by brilliant designers such as Sakura Adachi, Matali Crasset, Giovanni Levanti, Vico Magistretti, Adrien Rovero, Lorenzo Damiani, Paolo Imperatori, Emanuele Magini, Giulio Manzoni and Denis Santachiara. Piccy by Vico Magistretti is the re-enactment of the master’s wooden armchair and canvas on display in 1946. With Riletto, designer Giulio Manzoni won the Leonardo Award of the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, and with Ercolino he won the Design Award Professional-c DIM-Valencia. Campeggi is an innovative and cheerful path that makes design a playful style of life.


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